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Torture Classics
Torture Classics
TORTURE CLASSICS (TC) combines the clandestine world of military torture and special sonic interrogation techniques (music torture) with the megalomania of the global music-business. The use of music torture has been officially and publicly confirmed by government officials, human rights organizations, prison guards and interrogators, as well as suspected terrorists who have been detained in military prisons and detention centers. The UN and the European Court of Human Rights have banned the use of loud music in interrogations. The U.S. Department of Defense and the CIA have made extensive use of these interrogation techniques. Music torture combined with sleep deprivation, water-boarding, air deprivation and other enhanced interrogation techniques have been legalized in the USA by G.W. Bush and continue to be used under the Obama administration until today.

Time Life proudly presents...

„TORTURE CLASSICS - The Ultimate Collection“:
In 2001 a fresh new wave came out of Afghanistan, something cruel, mellow and melodic that we have come to know as torture music. Torture music is the kind of music that is perfect for sitting in the Iraqi desert. It is music that just makes you feel free and drives others crazy. Enjoy over 60 sweet and painful torture hits, all in one stellar collection including Metallica, Britney Spears, Falco, Tanya Tucker, Bruce Springsteen, Twisted Sister, the Meow Mix and more, over and over and over and over again!
During the Coded Cultures (CC) festival in Vienna the TORTURE CLASSICS ultimate collection will be pressed on dubplates (vinyl) and the TC resident DJ will spin the virgin records for the first and the last time during the TORTURE CLASSICS happening in three different parts of the city - using a mobile outdoor singing hall vehicle with turntables. During the night happenings UBERMORGEN.COM will draw large scaled wall paintings (TORTURECLASSICS LOGO - illegal graffiti) in the vicinity of the vehicle. After the event the respective dubplates and 3 documentation photos are brought to and displayed in the CC exhibition space.

The full documentation of the project - the 24h-performance videos, the infomercial and the TORTURE CLASSICS compilation as binary download (Ultimate Collection, White Album, Black Album) - are presented on the website. The initial experimental performance took place Friday, August 13, 10am through Saturday, August 14, 10am, 2010 at Gyeonggi Creation Center Facilities in South Korea. High-value detainee James Powderly was immobilized using a wide range of stress-positions and tortured by extremely loud music (Justin Bieber's “Baby”) for 24 hours by interrogator Hans Bernhard of UBERMORGEN.COM and live-streamed. Guantanamo Prisoner Ruhal Ahmed: “I can bear being beaten up, it’s not a problem.

Once you accept that you’re going to go into the interrogation room and be beaten up, it’s fine. You can prepare yourself mentally. But when you’re being psychologically tortured, you can’t. From the end of 2003 they introduced the music, and it became even worse. Before that, you could try and focus on something else. It makes you feel like you are going mad. You lose the plot. And it’s very scary to think that you might go crazy because of all the music, because of the loud noise, and because after a while you don’t hear the lyrics at all, all you hear is heavy banging.”

TORTURE CLASSICS is a metastasis of UBERMORGEN.COM's Superenhanced project - a three year research and software art project on enhanced interrogations (newspeak for torture) and extraordinary renditions (state sanctioned kidnapping). http://ipnic.org/superenhanced

TORTURE CLASSICS is a project by the artist duo UBERMORGEN.COM (CH/A/US) featuring performance artist James Powderly (US, Graffiti Research Lab/F.A.T) in conjunction with TIME LIFE MUSIC, the respective artists, copyright-holders and their respective lawyers. CREDITS: Wendy (aka Philipp W. Teister), Hyesoo Yoon, Jaewon Choi, Hongik University, GCC Gyeonggi Creation Center, Pro Helvetia, Bundesministerium fuer Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur BM:UKK Austria, Dr. Shird Kaukasian, Marc Hell, Annabe (Anna-Barbara Bernhard), Jihoi Lee, Kim Yuna, Lotte, RIAA, Breitling, Korean Air, Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon, Royal Caribbean
UBERMORGEN.COM (AT/CH/USA, *1995) is a xxxxxxx net.artist duo created in Vienna by lizvlx and Hans Bernhard. Ubermorgen is the German word both for 'the day after tomorrow' and ‚'super-tomorrow' if you don't get help here pls get help somewhere http://UBERMORGEN.COM the art happens when a user starts to think EOF.
IN/SITE/OUT (Group Exhibition) Location: Magazin
Opening: Sat 24/09, 8 pm
Exhibition Dates: Tue 27/09 – Fri 30/09, 5–8 pm // Sat 01/10, 5 pm – 1 am
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