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Glockengasse 10-12, 1020 Wien
The space of the Project This.Play , a small offspace in Glockengasse provides a perfect infrastructure for hosting a new media DIY-focus. With presentations on 4 different days, the second week of CODED CULTURES will present different international new media arts positions and communicates / explores with the format of workshops. The This.Play space a is a place for arts, design and media development. Emanuel Andel and Antony Rayzhekoff are running the This.Play company for interaction design and are responsible for the concept and development of the Touch.Wall, that extends common interfaces by adding a new dimension. The product will be installed at the CODED CULTURES Festival for presentations. The Room at This. Play provides a spacious workspace and will be used as a bar and presentation / event space.

MISS BALTAZAR’S LABORATORY / This.Play Space / 27.09, 12:00 - 18:00
Invisible censoring urban space makes marginalized artists disappear, in particular female developers. Coded Cultures offers a platform to share skills and practices and take space to celebrate free access to tools of expression and production. If you love to make things, rather than consuming them, meet up at Mz Baltazar's to share your skills.

Viennese Symptoms / This.Play Space / 28.09, 12:00 - 18:00
Activities will include the dowsing, scrying and divining of buboes on the skin of the city, the rubbing, tracing and excavation of these sites (inscription and playback of the stone tape using self-built apparatus) towards the collective production of a strange hybrid of archaeologists/ forensics report, an essay in self-observation and social questionnaire.
The 120days of *buntu / This.Play Space / 30.09, 12:00 - 18:00
The 120days of *buntu is a mash-up of 120 different Ubuntu operating systems (OS). It works from the source code of popular Linux/GNU and redistributes modified software through the Internet and through a new distribution model, the so called Street-Sneaker-Net inspired by the illegal CD/DVD sellers in the streets of São Paolo, Brazil. Computer operating systems are imposing many rules and dogmas onto the ordinary user; thus an OS becomes an inescapable device of our control-driven social environment.
Paranoid Steganography -or- Credulous Reverse Engineering / This.Play Space / 25.09, 12:00 - 18:00
Paranoid Steganography is an intentionally naive approach to interpreting signals and symbols. It combines the techniques of cryptographic analysis and reverse engineering with the premise that there are secret messages everywhere. Workshop participants will build simple antennae to capture ambient electro-magnetic signals. These signals will be fed into a laptop which will then translate them based on our paranoid mapping to sound or images.
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Coded Cultures 2011: City as Interface Presseaussendung #2
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